Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

Clear day on Elk Knob

My first hike after visiting California was an easy choice – stay close to home. Over the ridge line to be exact and a beautiful

Elk Knob.

This is a 1.9 mile trek to the top, which is 5,520 feet high, and relatively easy in hiking terms. It was a blue sky day with some puffy clouds all around but by no means was the view obstructed and threatened by a rain storm. It was simple gorgeous.

The trail is well maintained as it travels through several hardwood zones. As the trail snakes its way up, one can see different wildflowers as the days progress. Early spring you might find the Trout Lily and plenty of Trilliums. Early summer, a Speckled Wood Lily, Small Purple Fringed Orchid or a Mountain Meadow-rue. Either way, you can see a variety of wildflowers.

The birds sing along this route so if you want to take your time and catch a few in your lens, bring your camera and settle in for a great visit to the park.

This is a family trail that is wide enough for everyone to pass another if needed with no serious sections that make it technical.

One section that is my favorite is roughly 3/4 of the way up and has many trees heading straight up on both sides of the trail. The trail winds through this section and in a way reminds me of a part from the “Hobbit.”

To visit this state park you can plug in this address: 5564 Meat Camp Road
Todd, NC 28684 or call 828-297-7261. The Park Office Hours are 8am – 5pm weekdays and closed state holidays.

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