Exploring Boone Fork

Green Salamander

Green Salamander

Green Salamander
Green Salamander

This day was not one I was motivated to hike so I opted to explore Boone Fork stream up from the Boone Fork turn out. This section is so cool to explore because it is real rocky.

The water was low and as I moved up stream I noticed several pools and waterfalls. Tiny waterfalls that produced a soothing sound that would put you to sleep. I decided to shoot these small waterfalls and just experiment with different angles. It was pretty fun to think out of the box.

Sometimes you do come across a small salamander, newt or snake. I found a salamander on this adventure and from my research it looked to be a Green Salamander. A beautiful creature for sure.

With all the pools, dips and small ledges, it is east to see why this section is fun to rock hop on. Go, enjoy but leave the rocks alone. No rock cairns.

Trek on!

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