God Spoke to me Today

A trail message that I will never forget
Linville River
View up the Linville River after coming down the Linville Gorge Trail from the Babel Trail.

A hike down the Babel trail on a rather hot and muggy day yielded me a pleasant conversation with a woman from Cornelius, NC. She was teaching her rescue dog how to be a good trail hiking buddy. He was doing pretty good for the most part but all the smells seemed to overwhelm him at times. His name was Lucky.

Anyway, God spoke to me today when I found a coin laying on the trail just visible on a flat rock. At first I thought it was a bottle cap but when I picked it up to place in my pocket I noticed a cross all the way through and inscriptions on both sides.

Side one said “For God So Loved The World” and side two “That He Gave His Only Son – John 3:16.” Wow, what a message for the day and it stayed with me as I hiked the trail.

The Babel Trail is really well maintained and people use it to get to the Linville River and get a taste of the wild. God did love the world and I think he really loved the Linville Gorge. It would have been nice if Jesus did walk these trails but he does walk with us every day.

As I reached the bottom a cool breeze surrounded me and I welcomed the refreshing feeling it gave me because I was feeling the muggy dampness heading down the trail. A family was camping below and they were packing up but seemed happy. So all was great. This place just makes you feel happy.

Side 1
Side 2

The sound of the water quickly takes over your senses as the steady flow of water heads down to Lake James. The thoughts in your head race to be recognized and I found myself touching the coin in my pocket. I wonder who left it? I wonder if it was meant to be found? It was on a Sunday so I quickly came to the conclusion it was meant to be found. Thanks for the message.

As I climbed the trail back up I stopped at what is called Babel towers. It is a resting place for most and also a campsite. I have also taken pictures of a female Timber Rattler so it is a place to be careful if you visit because animals frequent these rocks.

Copperhead that I spotted.

I decided to take a rest and look around. I was surprised to find a Copperhead wrapped around a bush. Wait, it has two tails, it was two Copperheads. As I looked up from them I found a third smaller snake. I found the trifecta of Copperheads.

So, being the good outdoorsman I am, I spelled out Copperhead with twigs on the rock in front with an arrow pointing to where they are resting. I also told people where they are and to stay away. I wonder if  the teenagers actually did stay away. Hmmm.

Anyway, nice lady with a lucky dog on Sunday, silver coin with John 3:16, happy people packing up, cool breeze, three copperheads and a safe hike. I just can’t figure out the message yet but one day it will come to me. Trek on!

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