Boone Fork Trail 2019

The hike on the Boone Fork trail (loop is 4.8 miles) was quick and I am still getting my trail legs ready for bigger hikes. It sprinkled a bit but mostly held off while I tested the water at Hebron Falls. So cool and powerful.

It is a small stream but when it hits the Hebron Rocks is becomes a powerful waterfall, or series of waterfalls, that is roaring with life and feeds the bigger Watauga River. I have been visiting this place since I was in college at Appalachian State and every year it has a special place on my hike list.

I have seen the changes from tons of rain from tree trunks added to boulders moved to form new waterfalls. Either way, it is one of the best places to visit hiking from Price Park off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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