FloydFest 2019 – Voyage Home

Can I just say wow? Can I really? You bet I can. It was sold out, it was the 50th anniversary of Virginia’s “Virginia is for Lovers” and a documentary of the festival was filmed. (Not sure when the final will be out.)

FloydFest 2019 was one of the best I have attended. Now to be fair I work the front gate so part of my experience is up front on my shift. It is great to see the fans come through and the artists. The crew I worked with was excellent and we worked hard to get everyone into the festival. Sam and Trish Calhoun are to thank for bringing me onboard. I am Floyd Family.

You really can’t get this type of experience where kids have their own universe of fun, the outdoor enthusiasts get to have fun and music lovers are treated to beautiful music of several genres all in the beautiful state of Virginia. Not to exclude any participant, but the art world comes out and it was so colorful you could feel the love. Hats off to all.

I think I lost 10 pounds walking and taking pictures. I ate well but just burned it off. No bother, I really excepted it and walked with it.

Take your pick on the music lineup but I loved The War and Treaty. The story was tearful and cheerful but they can sing. I really mean sing and interact together with love. You can see it. Check them out. Now I will always love Magnolia Blvd. and the Travers Brothership. The Cupacabras were also blazing the night.

The overall experience is: you have to just go. Best camp is in Woodsy so do what you can. FloydFest 2020 will be just as good because they put on a beautiful, family friendly festival. Trek on!

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