Green Salamander
Green Salamander

This day was not one I was motivated to hike so I opted to explore Boone Fork stream up from the Boone Fork turn out. This section is so cool to explore because it is real rocky.

The water was low and as I moved up stream I noticed several pools and waterfalls. Tiny waterfalls that produced a soothing sound that would put you to sleep. I decided to shoot these small waterfalls and just experiment with different angles. It was pretty fun to think out of the box.

Sometimes you do come across a small salamander, newt or snake. I found a salamander on this adventure and from my research it looked to be a Green Salamander. A beautiful creature for sure.

With all the pools, dips and small ledges, it is east to see why this section is fun to rock hop on. Go, enjoy but leave the rocks alone. No rock cairns.

Trek on!

Cragway Trail has a flash flood during my hike

Pools form on the trail and hang around after the rain stops.

After a long week of churning out the pages and sitting at a computer, the freedom to do what you love to do is just around the corner. With rain in the forecast it would be prudent to get out early. That did not work for me.

I ended up consumed by working around the yard until around noon. No Linville Gorge for me on this day but hey, how about some Grandfather trails.

So, I loaded up the gear, small pack and essentials, and headed up to Boone Fork turnout on the Blue Ridge Parkway. As soon as I pulled in it started to rain so I checked out how my Mountaineers were doing in baseball. This is one of a very few spots you can get the smallest bar on your phone.

The rain let up so I was determined to get this hike in and complete the weekend. Sunday will be full with Easter events so this was it.

It felt good to be on the trail. I was ready for anything thrown at me on this day.

Not many wildflowers going up the Tanawha and Nuwati. A few Trout Lilies, Purple Violets, an Halberd Violets. The other flowers in this section are coming though, just a bit to early.

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