Male Swallowtail
Swallowtail feeds young family.

Recently at Valle Crucis Park, mainly getting exercise, I noticed a lot of birds racing low across the open fields. They were fast and agile, darting one direction to the next searching for food.

I was close to a box and it was numbered ’81.’ While observing the feeding of several birds one came close, landed and entered the box. I took a picture and noticed it was a Tree Swallow. All of those birds were Tree Swallows. They are a fast flying songbird. Males have a bluish color and the females not so pronounced. The notched tail is a trademark of the swallowtail.

Anyway, I photographed this one male coming and going from the box. No doubt there are young ones in box 81.

Taking a Snooze
Chipmonk taking a nap on a Spring Day.

I was lucky to catch this Chipmonk taking a nap behind my house. We have plenty of these guys and they are so active, this is a first.

Something told me to look up while I was working today and what did I see? Sugarloaf had two visitors today – Bald Eagles. One was for sure a juvenile, maybe 3-years old and the other is at least five but what got me was the black tips on the adult one. Or maybe it is not a full adult yet. Anyway, what a sight to watch.


Ajax is Close
Ajax will be an adult soon so stand by for a series of images from the day he arrived to the day he became an adult.





















I have been recording this eagle since he was brought into the Grandfather Mountain habitat. I have watched him fly into the enclosure walls, hop on the ground and trade perches with Griffin. He has finally settled into his new home and looks to be in good health. Once he is a full adult, white head and tail feathers, I will post a photo compilation of him over the years so you can see the transformation. Until then, enjoy this image.

Ajax on Sept 13, 2018
Ajax on Sept 13, 2018