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Thank you for visiting my website. Most of the content will contain many years of photography from wildlife, events and sports. You will also find some graphic design projects, along with illustration, that my photography has either insired me or used as the subject.


All About Me

MTNSnapshots is the photo business with Old-Sarge being the creative brand. My main job has been working at the local newspapers in Boone.

I am Robert Moore and a proud veteran of 27 years, serving first with 3rd BN 9th Marines as an 0311/41 and 8541, then the remainder of my military career in the NC National Guard, having starting as an 11B, then moving over to a 13B/13M and finishing as an 88M/Z Senior Truck Master/First SGT with the 1450th TC in Lenoir. I served in OIF II, III and supported in many roles.

My illustration work started while working in Burlington, N.C. at Riddle, Cockrell Manufacturing Inc. creating afghans and tapestries. This was mainly done using Photoshop and drawing with pixels. Very long and tedious work. The weaver takes the pixel work and converts it to a weave.

On my free time I would do some illustration work in pen and ink. Somewhere in the design cycle I moved away from doing pen and ink and focused on Graphic Design.

Twenty or so years later to 2018 and a request for an illustration, plus encouragement, I took out some old illustration board, purchased some new Micron pens and set off on my new journey. This creative journey started with Grandfather Mountain’s Ajax the eagle. Since then, one year later, I have created 30 plus illustrations with a broad range of subjects. I use a lot of stippling and some hatching techniques and love heavy lines.

To further my illustration motivation I teamed up with another Veteran and started creating cutting boards and custom works as well as leather coasters and designs. The addition of a laser/engraver has been a game changer and opened up various avenues. This has been a goal of mine and I will not stop moving forward.






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